Lesson Modules

Lesson Module I – Becoming an Issue Expert and Teaching Classmates

In Lesson Module I, students get their first taste of the issues and solutions included in Dream of a Nation by exploring the book with their classmates. A classroom environment is created where students take responsibility for their own learning. Activities include the following:

Lesson Module II – Exploring Interconnectedness

In Lesson Module II, students learn how critical issues are interconnected and how little solutions add up to solve big problems. By creating hierarchies, discovering opposing viewpoints, and engaging in debate, students realize the interconnection between issues and solutions. Activities include the following:

Lesson Module III – Real-World Inquiry

In Lesson Module III, students take the torch on a specific issue and solution. Students begin this module by proposing a solution to an issue in their local community or elsewhere. Next, they engage guided research of the solution and issues it tackles, then present and implement their solution. Once a plan is made, students continue on to Lesson Module IV. Activities include the following:

Lesson Module IV – Moving Towards Action

In Lesson Module IV, students continue to implement their solution, make changes, and reflect on the solution’s effectiveness through personal solution journals. Students also profile local visionaries, as well as explore ways to promote awareness around their issue. Activities include the following:


Print Outs

Worksheets or printouts used in the Lesson Modules, Unit Plans or Individual Lesson Plans are available here to view or download.