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Dream of a Nation is a public awareness and education initiative aiming to inform and empower citizens and students with critical knowledge and solutions for strengthening our society.


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Good Government

A highly functioning government is one in which the spirit of collaboration is the guiding force, democracy is strengthened and common sense and long-term thinking are the norm. Read more.

Citizen Stewardship


Taking Care of Each Other and the Planet

Stewardship takes many forms. Solving the most pressing issues of our time requires us all to be stewards of each other and our planet. Read more. 

A Stable and Equitable Economy

A stable economy is dedicated to building a better world and life-supporting instead of a wealth-creation system that disproportionately benefits a narrow segment of society and mortgages our natural assets. Read more.

Constructive Media

A News Media That Informs and EmpowersA constructive media informs and empowers all members of society, and enhances democratic values. Read more.

Education Innovation

Education is the foundation for success in modern society. The quality of our educational system directly influences the strength of our nation. Read more.

Re-Powering America

Re-Powering AmericaClimate change grabs the headlines but jobs, economic vitality, global stability and the preservation of species are all connected to the energy-related decisions we make right now and in the coming years. Read more.

Improving Health

Improving Health and Avoiding Alarming TrendsIf we can get to the moon, we can no doubt attain success when it comes to health and wellness in America. Read more.

Ending Poverty

Ending PovertyEnding poverty requires shining a light on what our priorities are and looking at how well we take care of those that are most vulnerable. Read more.

Re-Imaging Business

For many businesses, success hinges on more than price and profit. People and planet are just as important. Read more.

Strengthening Communities

Strengthening CommunitiesCommunity is both life sustaining and unifying; it can be as small as a neighborhood and as big as a nation and everything in between. Read more.

Waging Peace

Waging Peace

Albert Einstein said that peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved through understanding. Read more.

Realizing Our Full Potential

Dreaming the FutureBe a part of the creative process. Be active participants. Get informed, to build hope, to paint beauty, to serve. Dream. Read more.
"The most important thing humanity can do is believe in itself. That we can grow, we can change, we can rouse ourselves in time to make big changes happen. Dream of a Nation encourages movement in this direction. It offers hundreds of ideas and examples of how smart, committed and daring we can be." — Alice Walker

Our Resources

explore common core

Explore Dream of a Nation's Common Core Unit Plans

Dream of a Nation has developed unit plans aligned with the English Language Arts Common Core Standards. These units are designed to give students in-depth exposure to, and practice with, the critical writing, reading, listening, speaking and thinking which the Common Core demands.  Explore more here.

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