Science understanding will be greatly enhanced through the integration of Dream of a Nation articles which demonstrate to students the applicability and relevance of science to real world concerns. The articles in this section highlighting 21st century environmental issues and propose creative and hopeful solutions to our society’s most pressing environmental and health related needs. To help guide your students through this material please use these chapter questions, which address all levels of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy from recall to creation.

Science Curriculum Resources for Download:

Chapter 6: Re-Powering America

Re-Powering America Chapter

Re-Powering America icon Chapter 6 Questions (PDF)


Chapter 2: Citizen Stewardship

Citizen Stewardship Chapter

Citizen Stewardship icon Chapter 2 Questions (PDF)


Chapter 7: Improving Health and Avoiding Alarming Trends

Improving Health Chapter

Health icon Chapter 7 Questions (PDF)


Chapter 10: Strengthening Communities

Strengthening Communities Chapter

Communities icon Chapter 10 Questions (PDF)


Common Core Unit Plans

Big 6 unit plan

Action and Awareness Unit Plan

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