Social Studies and Science Standards Alignment Details by State

We want Dream of a Nation to be a successful and effective tool in 21st century classrooms. For that reason, we are ensuring that the book and all curriculum materials align with Common Core Standards, National Council for the Social Studies Curriculum Standards as well as standards requirements as described by state education agencies. Dream of a Nation adds real-world examples and content to support goals and standards students are required to master.

Dream of a Nation is not a textbook created to meet every goal of a specific course; it is designed as a supplementary resource that can help to add real world context to classes as well as meeting certain curriculum standards for a multitude of classes.

The following contains curriculum goals by state that Dream of a Nation deals with, as well as what chapter can help to meet these goals. We'll continue to expand these materials for other states.

Alabama Standards Alignment                   Alaska Standards Alignment

Arizona Standards Alignment                       Arkansas Standards Alignment

California Standards Alignment                  Colorado Standards Alignment

Connecticut Standards Alignment                      DC Standards Alignment

Delaware Standards Alignment                    Florida Standards Alignment

Georgia Standards Alignment                       Idaho Standards Alignment

Illinois Standards Alignment                       Louisiana Standards Alignment

Massachusetts Standards Alignment       Maine Standards Alignment

Maryland Standards Alignment                 Michigan Standards Alignment

Minnesota Standards Alignment                 Mississippi Standards Alignment

Montana Standards Alignment                   Nebraska Standards Alignment

Nevada Standards Alignment                        New Hampshire Standards Alignment

New Jersey Standards Alignment               New Mexico Standards Alignment

New York Standards Alignment                  North Carolina Standards Alignment

North Dakota Standards Alignment           Ohio Standards Alignment

Oregon Standards Alignment                       Pennsylvania Standards Alignment

Rhode Island Standards Alignment           South Carolina Standards Alignment

South Dakota Standards Alignment         Tennessee Standards Alignment

Texas Standards Alignment                         Vermont Standards Alignment

Virginia Standards Alignment                    Washington Standards Alignment

West Virginia Standards Alignment         Wisconsin Standards Alignment