The Book – in hard copy

All Dream of a Nation resources are available open-source and free online. But holding an illustrated book like Dream, with over 450 pages of compelling solutions, stories, graphics, and images, does help the content come alive. Over 11,000 educators from around the country are using and interacting with the resources and the program is committed to getting the last remaining books in the hands of the right people.

We are offering the hard copy of Dream to educators for FREE (+ shipping). Though if you do consider supporting what we do through a small donation, it will go towards continued lesson plan development, the updating of resources and new programs targeting opportunities for student engagement and youth leadership.

You can order online, or e-mail for bulk order information.



“Dream of a Nation is an important book and project for all of those of us who are interested in civic engagement and community service learning. Dream of a Nation is a big book that is also big hearted; I plan to find ways to use with my students and with those I work with in the community.”

- Dr. Kenneth A. Betsalel, Professor of Political Science, University of North Carolina Asheville

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