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Dream of a NationAll Dream of a Nation resources are available open-source and free online. But holding an illustrated book like Dream, with over 450 pages of compelling solutions, stories, graphics, and images, does help the content come alive. Thousands of educators from across the country are using and interacting with the resources and the program is committed to getting the last remaining few thousand books in the hands of the right people. So if this is you, then choose what’s best for you and please consider supporting what we do through a small donation as this program operates on a shoestring: Retail Price $29.95 Now $10.00 Covers the cost of printing and continued resource development Discounted Price: $24.95 $5.00 Covers the cost of printing the book Student/Educator: FREE We want to get the books out to people who will use them!


classroom_sets Classrooms Sets for Educators: FREE Educators across the country are using Dream in their classrooms! Books come 12 per box, get as many as you need! Just cover shipping costs. Please contact to order your classroom set.


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