The Food and Health Connection


“Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.” - Hippocrates

From reducing the obesity epidemic and preventing diabetes to improving school behavior, what we eat has a profound impact on our overall health. Fortunately, the power of healthy eating is becoming more and more mainstream and families, schools, and other institutions are making more of an effort to make lasting change.

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Dr. Baxter Montgomery started researching nutrition’s role in disease reversal and found that plant-based foods were the common denominator in determining wellness. He has refined this process over the past 10 years with profound positive results in severely ill patients. Learn more.


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What Can I Do?

Avoid fast food by buying healthy and local options

Why? Even if good food is a little more expensive, you can’t put a price on health. People with good diets show drastic reductions in diabetes and heart disease.


What If?

Q.  What if you consume about 10 percent of your calories from fat, as opposed to a more average 30 percent?

A. A study comparing these two groups showed an 82 percent regression of heart disease, a 37 percent decrease in cholesterol and a 91 percent decrease in angina of those on the lower-fat diet after one year.

Q.  What if schools started promoting healthy eating early in life?

A.  Studies have shown that students at schools that restrict fatty foods also continue to eat more fruits and vegetables outside of school, and some schools that have restricted high-sugar foods have reported significantly better behavior.