Environmental Studies

Dream of a Nation provides a wealth of articles to engage students of Environmental Science in contemporary debates. Our articles are written by individuals working for practical innovations which would produce major shifts in energy consumption, food production and the idea of the “good life.” We also have questions for each chapter, broken down by article, which align the ideas in the article with major thinkers in environmental science like, Aldo Leopold, Paul Taylor and Amory Lovins. Questions also use current issues such as the Asian Brown Cloud, in order to provoke thought and discussion in your classroom.

Citizen Stewardship icon Citizen Stewardship (Chapter 2) Discussion Questions for Environmental Studies

Citizen Stewardship Chapter

Re-Powering America icon Re-Powering America (Chapter 6) Discussion Questions for Environmental Studies

Re-Powering America Chapter

Communities icon Strengthening Communities (Chapter 10) Discussion Questions for Environmental Studies

Strengthening Communities Chapter