Reallocating Military Spending, Taking Care of Soldiers & Increasing National Security


The saying goes, “Rome was not built in a day.” It did not fall in one day either.  We know where we will end up if we follow the trajectory set by the military industrial complex of ever-rising military budgets and ever-new enemies: we will fall as Rome fell, as all great powers fall. But, we are also learning that there are new paths forward. With foresight and thrift, diplomacy and cooperation, the US can remain a great and powerful nation, a strong and secure nation, and an enduring and exemplary nation.

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Five Ways to Cut Military Spending Today


What Can I Do?

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What If?

Q.  What if we didn’t waste $295 billion on weapons systems overruns?

A.  We could provide healthcare for the 42+ million Americans with no healthcare coverage. We could increase the average $40,500 salary of the over 4 million teachers in the US by 25% for approximately seven years.  We could build enough wind turbines to power 52 million homes, which accounts for 40% of the country’s home energy needs.