Supporting a Green Future in Native American Communities


Native American communities face a wide variety of present day challenges – most of them connected to historical injustices. Fortunately, many indigenous communities throughout the country  are focusing more on food security, renewable energy, and green jobs and in the process building opportunity.  It is estimated that reservation lands hold enough wind resources to provide 15 percent of all electricity generation in the United States.

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A Just, Green Native American Economy
Hone The EarthHonor the Earth is a Native-led organization addressing the two primary needs of the Native environmental movement: the need to break the geographic and political isolation of Native communities and the need to increase financial resources for organizing and change. Read more.


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The Indigenous Call: Take Back Our Future


What Can I Do?

Take time to learn more about the indigenous communities nearby and issues facing Native American communities nationally. Visit the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Native American Congress to learn more.

What If?
Q.  What if the U.S. committed to fully developing the wind-energy resources of reservation lands?
A.  Not only would we take huge steps toward reducing our carbon emissions, that generation would provide at least 110,000 permanent jobs on reservations across the country.