The 10-Year Target


America has a history of setting ambitious, near-impossible goals for itself and then finding a way to achieve those goals. In the tradition of Kennedy’s ‘Man on the Moon’ challenge, former Vice President Al Gore is challenging America to produce 100 percent of its electricity carbon-free within the next 10 years. Renewable, carbon-free electricity creates jobs in the U.S., protects the environment, and protects families from rising the rising cost of commodities like oil and gas.

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100 Percent Carbon-Free in 10 Years

Since leaving the Vice Presidency, Al Gore has focused on alerting the world about the dangers of climate change and promoting the ways that avoiding climate change can strengthen America today and in the future. Learn more.

Read an excerpt of Al Gore's speech: "100 Percent Carbon-Free Electricity Within 10 Years"

Read Al Gore's speech

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Climate 101


What Can I Do?

Support the challenge and choose the green power options from your local utilities. Check out Green-e to see if your local utility has a renewable energy program. 

Why? To achieve 100 percent carbon-free electricity, people must believe in and support such a monumental shift.


What If?

Q. What if all of the wind resources in the Midwest were tapped?

A.  The windy Midwestern corridor, states like North Dakota where land is cheap and underused, has enough wind capacity to provide for over 100 percent of America’s current electricity use.

Q.  What if we avoid the hidden costs of relying on fossil fuels?

A.  Every 24 hours we send over $2 billion to foreign countries for oil, and the aging electricity grid costs businesses $120 billion every year in power outages and inefficiencies.