Businesses Leading the Way to Sustainability


There is no rule that business has to harm the environment. In fact many businesses are are rooted in restoration and others are beginning to find that sustainable business ethics can actually improve their bottom-line or create markets for new services and products. A better business model is growing and it has the capital and creativity to lead us into a new, green economy by innovating in reusable materials, clean energy, and efficient design. As long as businesses remember that there’s more to success than just profit, our potential is unlimited.

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What Can I Do?

Support businesses that are committed to sustainable practices.

Why? There’s a lot of truth to the old adage, “Vote with your wallet.” Even small shifts in consumer preference for sustainable products can prompt big changes in business practices.


What If?

Q.  What if we replaced half of the world’s oil with algae-derived fuel?

A.  It could reduce CO2emissions by 25 percent and create hundreds of thousands of jobs.