Restricting Toxic Chemicals


In 1962 the book Silent Spring warned Americans for the first time of the dangers of using chemicals indiscriminately, leading to many new regulations and restrictions. In the decades since, we’ve again become too lax in regulating what chemicals we’re exposed to day in and day out. Of the 84,000 chemicals in use today, the EPA has required health information on just 200 and banned just 8. To protect our children and ourselves, it’s time to get tough.

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The Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition represents more than 11 million individuals and includes parents, health professionals, advocates for people with learning and developmental disabilities, reproductive health advocates, environmentalists and businesses from across the nation. Learn more.


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Read the Safer Chemicals Healthy Families essay

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The Story of Cosmetics



What Can I Do?

Use natural-ingredient alternatives to chemicals whenever possible.

Why? Natural alternatives to traditional dishsoap, cleaners, pesticides and other chemicals you come in close contact with every day are cheap and easy to find at the grocery store.