Post-Partisan Politics


Ted KennedyIn the fast-paced, modern world, our government must be capable of both reacting quickly to crises and passing the type of innovative initiatives that have long made America a model for other democracies. Politicians need to not only be willing to vote across party lines, but also to imagine and propose legislation that transcends party ideology.

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Bridging the political divide
The Bipartisan Bridge aims to provoke thoughts, inspire ideas for bipartisan policy, constructively contribute to the national discourse, and provide a meeting place for all who are dedicated to rising above party politics. Learn More.
The Bipartisan Bridge


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What Can I Di?
Support candidates who vote based on the issues, not on party politics.

A vote is the simplest way to tell our representatives that we appreciate (or don't) how they work together to move important issues forward.


Q.  What if legislation could find stronger bipartisan support?
A. During the debate over raising the debt ceiling, both Republicans and Democrats proposed bills that would lower the deficit by about $4 trillion. A compromise bill saved under $1 trillion.