Getting Money Out of Politics

Too often federal elections end up as fundraising contests
, which inhibits the idea of government as being accessible to all people. 9 out of 10 campaigns are won by the candidate who spends the most, and U.S. Representatives in contested elections spend 34 percent of their time while in office raising money for their next campaign. Fortunately, several states and local communities have discovered a solution by reforming campaign finance with the Fair Elections model.

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Getting the Money Out of PoliticsCommon Cause
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Read the Common Cause essay: "Getting Money Out of Politics: Putting the Public First"

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Time Spent Fundraising "Nothing Short of Amazing"

The Story of Citizens United v. FEC

What Can I Di?
Support the Fair Elections Act

Get leaders out of the fundraising game and let them do the jobs we’ve elected them to do. This bill already has more than 150 cosponsors. Write your representative to say thanks or encourage them to join.

Sign the Petition to Get Money Out of Politics

Add your name to show your support for passing a constitutional amendment to get money out of politics.

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Common Cause has a variety of other ways to get involved. See how you can get involved.


Q. What if your state passed Fair Elections reform?

A. In 2008, Connecticut became the first state to have Fair Elections public financing passed by the legislature. Within just a couple years, 81 percent of the Connecticut legislature was made up of politicians who used the system.

Q. What if Fair Elections, or a similar system, was passed at the federal level?

A. Candidates running for office under this voluntary system of public financing can no longer accept multi-million dollar donations from corporations, and instead receive a 4-to-1 match from the government on donations of $100 or less from actual voters.

Support the Fair Elections Now Act: Fix Congress to Restore Trust in Our Democracy