Ending Poverty in America


America cannot be the best it can be with 14 percent of its population, over 44 million individuals, living below the poverty line. We have fought high poverty rates before, President Johnson’s “Great Society” policies pulled 11 million out of poverty and Clinton’s welfare reforms moved over 7 million out of poverty. Today another push is needed, one focused on building job skills, raising incomes for the working poor, and improving education so the improvements stick.

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What Can I Do?

Volunteer for a local food bank, soup kitchen or the Salvation Army.

Why? While policy changes will be necessary to bring a large number of people out of poverty, small services help the poor get by in the day-to-day and give them a better chance to escape poverty.


What If?

Q.  What if the 4 point reduction in the poverty rate accomplished during the Clinton Presidency was repeated today?

A.  About 12 million people would be brought out of poverty, not only improving their quality of life but also strengthening communities and lowering government spending on welfare programs.