Building Self-Reliant Communities


For decades developed nations tried to solve global hunger by sending bags of food. This charity was well-intentioned, but it debilitates communities by making them reliant on aid. Today we’ve realized that the real solution to hunger is increasing the capacity of at-risk communities to become self-reliant. That means building wells, increasing literacy, training professionals, and especially building through women, who are more focused on the long-term good of their families.

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The Hunger ProjectEmpowering People to End Their Own Hunger
The Hunger Project is a global, non-profit organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger. In Africa, South Asia and Latin America, THP seeks to end hunger and poverty by empowering people to lead lives of self-reliance, meet their own basic needs and build better futures for their children. Learn more.


Read The Hunger Project essay: "Building Prosperity From the Ground Up"
Read The Hunger Project essay

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What Can I Do?

Donate to charities that build capacity, not just deliver aid.

Why? Food aid has a place – like after disasters or in conflicts – but it should not be relied upon to feed people who chronically undernourished and whose communities are no longer growing the food they need.


What If?

Q. What if women actually living in rural villages received foreign aid, rather than the government?

A. Studies have shown that in developing countries women will invest 90 percent of their income back into the family, and women are almost 25 percent more productive than men when farming with the exact same resources.