Teaching Sustainability


Over the past decade our society has become far more conscious of the importance of protecting the environment. Unfortunately primary school curriculum is still lagging far behind scientific discovery. The U.S. ranks 34th out of 57 industrialized countries in environmental science. Many pioneering private and charter schools are finding great success by grounding their experiential learning in nature, but these lessons still need to be scaled up to all public schools.

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The Campaign for Environmental Education encourages vibrant, integrated environmental education programs across the nation. By striving to reach this primary goal, the Campaign will significantly increase the quantity and quality of environmental education across the country. Read more.Campaign for Environmental Literacy


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Read the Campaign for Environmental Education essay

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What Can I Do?

Take time to get a child excited about going outdoors.

Why? If you love nature and have a son or daughter, a brother or sister, or a younger family friend, take time to share your passion with a young person.


What If?

Q.  What if more classrooms included hands-on environmental education?

A.  Research shows that students improve significantly when curriculum is grounded in the practicality of environmental education. Over 90 percent of educators reported improved attendance and behavior, critical thinking skills, and creativity.