Moving the Green Jobs Movement Forward


Every generation of Americans takes a big innovation and runs with it, working to rebuild some aspect of their nation. Building a greener economy can be this generation’s big project and big employer.  The number of green jobs is already growing two and a half times faster than jobs in the economy as a whole, and there is plenty of more work to be done.

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Green Job Opportunities


What Can I Do?

Retrofit your home to become more energy efficient.

Investing in retrofits like replacing your windows, weatherizing and covering joints on pipes will save energy and money in the long run, and is the type of work that sustains jobs here in the US.


What If?

Q. What if every state followed Pennsylvania’s leadership in creating green jobs?

A.  Despite having just average sunlight and wind, Pennsylvania has spent about $1 billion since 2003 encouraging the growth of solar and wind energy. As a result the state has added around 350,000 jobs related to solar and wind.

Q.  What if the government spent an extra $50 billion a year towards building the green economy?

A.  The Apollo Alliances estimates that long-term guarantees of that much spending would create 5 million quality jobs within 10 years.