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In the past 20 years, hundreds of thousands of jobs in the manufacturing and service industries have been moved overseas to increase profits. This is neither a natural nor inevitable economic shift. Many other industrialized nations have been able to preserve their industry, keeping their economies diverse and resilient.

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What Can I Do?

Buy American

Check the label, buying American-made products keeps jobs at home.


What If?

Q.  What if the United States had continued to emphasize manufacturing growth?

A.  Some pundits say it’s impossible for a wealthy nation to manufacture cost-effectively, but in 2010 Germany ran a trade surplus of $200 billion. That same year the U.S. imported $500 billion more than it exported.

Q.  What can the federal government do to help?

A.  Economies like Canada, China, and the European Union have forged strong trade pacts across the globe without giving up the right to require their governments to purchase domestically-produced goods. The U.S. should follow this example.