Improving News Coverage


The news media has a tremendous significance in our society – influencing government, the marketplace, elections, decisions to go to war, and so much more. In this age of information, we need the news media to be committed to the common good and dedicated to supporting citizens who are literate when it comes to civic affairs.   Just like our political system, the integrity of the news media depends on active and engaged individuals pushing for progress and innovation.

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What Can I Do?


Encourage the news media outlets that you follow to include more quality news stories and less triviality and violence. See action guide (also below) for "Letter to the Editor" tips!


Tune in to public media like PBS or NPR and independent media.  Public and independent media has less pressure to draw ratings and maximize profits, so their coverage is usually more complete.


Media Policy 101: What You Need to Know to Change the Media  Knowledge is power!


Media Reform Action Guide, Essential primer for changing the media, filled with helpful tools and step-by-step instructions for how you can make your voice heard.


What If?


Q.  What if the U.S. spent as much on public media as other industrialized nations?

A.  We could put tens of thousands of journalists back to work. America spends about $1.37 per capita a year on public media. Canada spends about $22 on the CBC and England spends about $80 to run BBC news, which is among the most acclaimed news networks worldwide.