Youth Leadership

The American Promise - The American Promise brings the American democratic system to life, letting students experience firsthand what its like to govern and make the decisions that bind us together as a country.

American Youth Policy Forum - AYPF’s mission is to broaden the awareness and understanding of policymakers and to strengthen the youth policymaking process by bridging policy, practice, and research.

Climate Challenge - The Campus Climate Challenge is a project of more than 30 leading youth organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Challenge leverages the power of young people to organize on college campuses and high schools across Canada and the U.S. to win 100% Clean Energy policies at their schools.

Earth Force - Earth Force engages young people as active citizens who improve the environment and their communities now and in the future.

Innovative Center for Community and Youth Development - The Innovation Center for Community and Youth Development unleashes the potential of youth, adults, organizations, and communities to engage together in creating a just and equitable society.

Learn and Serve America - America’s young people – from kindergartners to college students – have the desire, energy and ability to make a real difference in their communities. Service-learning offers a unique opportunity for them to get involved in a tangible way by integrating community service projects with classroom learning. Visit site at

PeaceJam - The mission of the PeaceJam Foundation is to create young leaders committed to positive change in themselves, their communities and the world through the inspiration of Nobel Peace Laureates who pass on the spirit, skills, and wisdom they embody.

Project Citizen - We the People: Project Citizen is a curricular program for middle, secondary, and post-secondary students, youth organizations, and adult groups that promote competent and responsible participation in local and state government.

Public Achievement - Public Achievement is a youth civic engagement initiative focused on the most basic concepts of citizenship, democracy and public work. Public Achievement draws on the talents and desires of ordinary people to build a better world and to create a different kind of politics.

Roots and Shoots - Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots, the Jane Goodall Institute's global environmental and humanitarian youth program, is a powerful, youth-driven, global network of tens of thousands of members in more than 120 countries. Together, youth from pre-K through college are taking action to make the world a better place for people, animals and the environment.

Sierra Student Coalition - A broad network of high school and college-aged youth from across the country working to protect the environment. The SSC is the youth-led chapter of the Sierra Club, the nation's oldest and largest grassroots environmental organization.

Student Environmental Action Coalition - SEAC is a student and youth run national network of progressive organizations and individuals whose aim is to uproot environmental injustices through action and education.

Take It Back - Youth Leadership Institute builds communities where young people and their adult allies come together to create positive social change.

We Act For Environmental Justice - The goal of WE ACT’s Youth Leadership & Development Program is to prepare the next generation to understand and confront environmental racism by enhancing their leadership skills as well as their ability to understand and value the natural and built environment.

YES! - YES! connects, inspires and collaborates with young change-makers to build thriving, just and sustainable ways of life for all. YES! incubates exploratory and innovative programs, remaining open to the evolving needs and opportunities of our constituents and our world.

Young People For - Young People For (YP4) is a strategic long-term leadership development program that identifies, engages and empowers the newest generation of progressive leaders to create lasting change in their communities.

Youth Leadership Institute - The Youth Leadership Institute has been an innovative leader in the field of youth development for over 20 years—teaching communities to invest in developing youth, and training youth to inspire their communities by being advocates for change.

Teacher Resources

Teacher for Social Justice - Teachers for Social Justice(TSJ) is an organization of teachers, administrators, pre-service teachers, and other educators working in public, independent, alternative, and charter schools and universities in the Chicago area. Focusing on coming for commitment to education for social justice.

Educators Network for Social Justice - The Educators’ Network for Social Justice (ENSJ) is a network of practicing educators from Milwaukee area schools including pre-service teachers, classroom teachers, and post-secondary educators. ENSJ is committed to promoting pro-justice curricula and policies so that all students in the Milwaukee area are better served.

Teacher Action Group - TAG Philadelphia works to strengthen the influence of educators within schools and over policy decisions. While partnering with parent, student, and community groups, TAG is committed to fostering positive school transformation, environments where students and teachers can thrive, and community ownership and influence within education.

National Council for the Social Studies - Social studies educators teach students the content knowledge, intellectual skills, and civic values necessary for fulfilling the duties of citizenship in a participatory democracy. The mission of National Council for the Social Studies is to provide leadership, service, and support for all social studies educators.

Zinn Education Project - The Zinn Education Project promotes and supports the use of Howard Zinn’s best-selling book A People’s History of the United States and other materials for teaching a people’s history in middle and high school classrooms across the country. The website offers more than 100 free, downloadable lessons and articles organized by theme, time period, and reading level.

Rethinking Schools - Throughout its history, Rethinking Schools has tried to balance classroom practice and educational theory. It is an activist publication, with articles written by and for teachers, parents, and students. Yet it also addresses key policy issues, such as vouchers and marketplace-oriented reforms, funding equity, and school-to-work.

Teaching for Change - Teaching for Change provides teachers and parents with the tools to transform schools into centers of justice where students learn to read, write and change the world.

AEI Program on American Citizenship - The AEI Program on American Citizenship is a new initiative focused on the fundamental principles and challenges of American self-government.

Center for Civic Education - The Center for Civic Education is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational corporation dedicated to promoting an enlightened and responsible citizenry committed to democratic principles and actively engaged in the practice of democracy in the United States and other countries.

National Center for Learning and Citizenship - Working closely with other national, state and local organizations engaged in education, service and volunteer initiatives, the NCLC contributes to a collective public voice in support of service-learning and the contributions volunteers make in efforts to improve student learning.

Center for Action Civics - The Center for Action Civics (CFAC) is the professional development branch of Mikva Challenge and provides teachers, schools, and non-profit organizations with the tools and strategies needed to engage young people in high quality Action Civics programming and experiential learning opportunities, either in a classroom, an after-school club, or as part of a community organization.

Educators for Social Responsibility - Educators for Social Responsibility (ESR) works directly with educators to implement systemic practices that create safe, caring, and equitable schools so that all young people succeed in school and life, and help shape a safe, democratic and just world.

The Forum for Education and Democracy - The Forum for Education and Democracy is a national education "action tank" committed to the public, democratic role of public education — the preparation of engaged and thoughtful democratic citizens.