Secondary Math

CC for MathEasily make your math lessons relevant to contemporary issues, tie your curriculum to an interdisciplinary unit and teach your students the relevance and necessity of math comprehension. Dream of a Nation's math lessons are designed to be used in conjunction with Dream of a Nation articles to provide students with an understanding of the real world applicability and importance of math. These lessons also teach students--through in-depth calculations--about the importance of environmental conservation, how to eat healthy and exercise, a closer look at nuclear, land use management, and more. Download lesson plans and the associated essays that go with them below:

Ecological Footprints of Nations

Citizen Stewardship icon Staying Within Our Limits

Citizen Stewardship icon Living Lighter


Nuclear Forces

Good Government icon Redefining Security for Strong Communities and a Safer World

Waging Peace icon Creating a World Without Nuclear Weapons

Waging Peace icon Reallocating Military Spending, Taking Care of Soldiers and Increasing National Security


Our Acres and Our Cows

Communities icon The Next Generation of Family Farming

Communities icon Creating Food Security, Improving Health, Creating Community

Re-imagining Business icon Supplying the Demand for a Livable Planet


Exercise and Nutrition Labels

Health icon Key Steps for a Healthy Nation

Health icon Strengthening the Food & Health Connection


Measuring Electricity

Re-Powering America icon 100 Percent Carbon-Free Electricity Within 10 Years


CO2 and Gas Mileage

Re-Powering America icon A Blueprint for a Clean-Energy Economy


Compact Fluorescents

Re-Powering America icon Building a Conservation Nation


Oil Consumption

Re-Powering America icon A U-Turn on Transportation