Dream of a Nation- for download

With over 400 pages of material that makes complex issues graspable, Dream of a Nation is a tool that will inform and engage. Download whole chapters or individual essays below:

Foreword by Paul Hawken   Introduction by Tyson Miller   A Poem by Noesha Hampton

Download all front matter from the book including the table of contents and all of the above.

Education Chapter
Education icon Seeing Education in a New Light
Education icon Fair School Funding and Equal Opportunities
Education icon Educating for a Sustainable Future
Education icon A School and Community Strategy for the 21st Century
Education icon Making Education Work for All Students

Re-Powering America Chapter
Re-Powering America icon 100 Percent Carbon-Free Electricity Within 10 Years
Re-Powering America icon Building a Conservation Nation
Re-Powering America icon A U-Turn on Transportation
Re-Powering America icon A Green Energy Future Without Expanding Nuclear
Re-Powering America icon A Blueprint for a Clean-Energy Economy

Improving Health Chapter
Health icon Key Steps for a Healthy Nation
Health icon Strengthening the Food & Health Connection
Health icon Avoiding the Dangers of Toxic Exposure
Health icon Tackling the Profit Problem in Healthcare

Ending Poverty Chapter
Poverty icon Ending Poverty in America
Poverty icon Ending Homelessness: A Dream with a Plan
Poverty icon 0.7% of Wealth: A Small Price to End Global Extreme Poverty
Poverty icon Building Prosperity from the Ground Up

Re-Imagining Business Chapter
Re-imagining Business icon The Next Frontier of Business
Re-imagining Business icon Supplying the Demand for a Livable Planet
Re-imagining Business icon The Rise of the Conscientious Consumer

Strengthening Communities Chapter
Communities icon Transforming Urban Injustice into Beauty and Empowerment
Communities icon Creating Food Security, Improving Health, Creating Community
Communities icon The Next Generation of Family Farming
Communities icon Supporting a Green Future in Native American Communities
Communities icon Envisioning an Inclusive World
Communities icon Immigrants in America: Common Values, Common Dreams
Communities icon Reforming Prisons, Saving Billions, Creating Opportunity

Waging Peace Chapter
Waging Peace icon War and Ending It
Waging Peace icon Reallocating Military Spending, Taking Care of Soldiers and Increasing National Security
Waging Peace icon Creating a World Without Nuclear Weapons
Waging Peace icon Establishing a US Department of Peace

A Nation That Shines Chapter
Nation that Shines icon Dreaming the Future Can Create the Future
Nation that Shines icon Everyone a Changemaker
Nation that Shines icon Realizing our Roots and the Power of Interconnectedness
Nation that Shines icon Painting Hope in the World


Closing by Alice Walker

Download acknowledgments, endnotes and index here.