Civics and Economics

The study of Civics and Economics is designed to, “help to prepare students to become responsible and effective citizens in an interdependent world.” Dream of a Nation helps teachers show their students the skills necessary to participate as effective and responsible citizens as well as help to provide students with an understanding of the role economic factors play in making economic decisions. Dream of a Nation articles highlighting 21st century issues and propose creative and hopeful solutions to our society’s most pressing civic and economic needs. All twelve chapters of this book are applicable to the study of Civics and Economics. To help guide your students through this material please use these chapter questions, which address all levels of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy from recall to creation.

Civics and Economics Curriculum Resources for Download:

Chapter 1: A People-Centered and Accountable Government


Chapter 2: Citizen Stewardship

Citizen Stewardship Chapter

Citizen Stewardship icon Chapter 2 Questions (PDF)


Chapter 10: Strengthening Communities

Strengthening Communities Chapter

Communities icon Chapter 10 Questions (PDF)


Chapter 11: Waging Peace

Waging Peace Chapter

Waging Peace icon Chapter 11 Questions (PDF)

Common Core Unit Plans

Congressional Debate Plans

Solution Debate Plans

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