American History

American history is designed for students to, “study political, social, economic, and cultural issues, and analyze the impact these issues have had on American society over time.” Dream of a Nation helps teachers show their students history’s relevance in the contemporary world by highlighting 21st century issues and proposing creative and hopeful solutions to our society’s most pressing needs. All twelve chapters of this book are applicable to the study of American history and encourages students to make historical assessments and evaluations. To help guide your students through this material please use these chapter questions, which address all levels of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy from recall to creation.

American History Curriculum Resources for Download:

Chapter 8: Ending Poverty and Building Common Wealth

Ending Poverty Chapter

Poverty icon Chapter 8 Questions (PDF)


Chapter 11: Waging Peace

Waging Peace Chapter

Waging Peace icon Chapter 11 Questions (PDF)


Chapter 3: Creating a Stable and Equitable Economy

Economy Chapter

Economy icon Chapter 3 Questions (PDF)

Common Core Unit Plan

Interdisciplinary Essay Unit Plan

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