Curriculum Resources

Here you will find curriculum and teacher resources that have been developed for use with Dream of a Nation.

A series of four Lesson Modules have been designed to be used with any chapter or essay found in the Dream of a Nation book. These lesson modules help students study issues and solutions by first becoming issue experts, deepening understanding through exploring interconnectedness, researching issues, organizations and solution models before promoting and implementing their own solution locally, regionally or nationally.

The Lesson Modules are developed to be used in succession as follows:

  1. Becoming Issue Experts and Teaching Classmates
  2. Exploring Interconnectedness
  3. Real-World Inquiry
  4. Moving Towards Action

Along with the Lesson Modules, Unit Plans will be developed that will include detailed multi-day lessons each covering a one of the twelve chapters in Dream of a Nation.

Lesson Modules cover a broad range of issues and solutions using various student-centered classroom-teaching strategies that can range from single week plans to full semester undertakings.

Also included here are content and standards alignment details. These include the National Council for the Social Studies Curriculum Standard Themes, the Common Core Standards for Literacy in the History/Social Studies, Science, and the Technical Subjects as well as specific Standard Course of Study goals as defined by state education agencies.

How to Use the Dream of a Nation Curriculum