About the Education Initiative

Dream of a Nation spans 12 chapters and explores problems, solutions and success models associated with a range of topics including: environmental stewardship, waging peace, the new economy, improving health, government at its best, key priorities in education, ending poverty and much more. Thought-provoking solutions-oriented essay contributions are presented by pioneering visionaries and organizations.

In an increasingly interconnected world, societal awareness of key social and environmental issues is critical. What makes Dream of a Nation different is our approach to exploring the problems and solutions to the issues in a format that is creative, accessible and compelling

Dream of a Nation aims to actively engage students and teachers in civic activity that leads to real change in the community. By exploring varying issues and the organizations involved in tackling critical issues, our aim is to elevate awareness and inspire action.

By highlighting local organizations that are creating change with successful solution models, we hope to inspire the next generation to believe that they can create the same lasting effects in their local community.

Education is as much a creative endeavor as it is practice in communication; we recognize that at Dream of a Nation and have designed classroom strategies that leave room for teacher creativity. Use these tools as a starting point for implementing the Dream of a Nation curriculum, but don’t stop there. Feel free to make changes and differentiate these tools based on your personal teaching style, classroom and community.