Praise for Dream of a Nation

Dream of a Nation moves us past party lines and into the realm of what is possible. This important work guides even the most disillusioned of us toward innovative measures that, if implemented, could benefit society in amazing ways and make citizen activists out of us all. Inspiring!
— Jennifer Grayson, Huffington Post

At a time when America’s challenges seem greater than ever, when polarization threatens to leave us permanently divided, Dream of a Nation reminds us of what we have in common—and all that we can build when we work together.
— Bryan Walsh, TIME Magazine

The perfect blend of text and graphics to spell out what can and should be done to move the country forward. A must read for anyone that wants to be a part of the solution.
— Publishers Weekly

The most important thing humanity can do is believe in itself. That we can grow, we can change, we can rouse ourselves in time to make big changes happen. Dream of a Nation encourages movement in this direction. It offers hundreds of ideas and examples of how smart, committed and daring we can be.
— Alice Walker

Dream of a Nation is a rare gem. If you can only read one book on how to address
the big challenges of our time, this is it.
— Noelle Skodzinski, Book Business Magazine

— David Korten, co-founder of the Positive Futures Network

I’ve been doing activist work for 45 years, and I’ve never seen anything as comprehensive, visionary, useful, accurate, visually appealing, collaborative and timely. 
— Greg Speeter, Founder, National Priorities Project