About SEE Innovation

SEE (Social, Environmental, Economic) Innovation is a small but effective organization whose mission is to build awareness, capacity, and structures for social and environmental transformation. SEE Innovation staff have been developing new programs and initiatives since 1993 and currently the organization maintains multiple active national programs.

Dream of a Nation is a third-year initiative designed to build awareness and engage citizens in critical civic issues. SEE Innovation’s additional programs include: the Green Press Initiative, a national effort that is significantly reducing the environmental impacts of the publishing industry on forests and biodiversity, and Project for Improved Environmental Coverage, which is designed to improve the quantity and quality of environmental coverage in the news media landscape.

SEE Innovation’s previous and partner programs include the Environmental Paper Network and the Recycled Products Cooperative. Additionally, SEE Innovation has completed “Generation Earth,” an award-winning documentary, seen by nearly 2 million students, which chronicles success models in environmental education from around the country. SEE Innovation staff and programs have won awards from the US EPA, California Governor’s Office and the Sierra Club.

Organizational and Staff Expertise: A Vibrant Team

The Dream of a Nation team is comprised of a group of passionate individuals with the skill set, enthusiasm and dedication to support the book and project’s vibrant success. Project staff have a wide array of experience ranging from book design and promotion to marketing at Amazon and event coordination; from maximizing social media and community organizing to election campaigning and underground advertising. With additional funding, SEE Innovation plans to hire and manage up to ten more qualified interns and part-time staff.