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A Book and Movement For Modern Times

A Unique Approach:
In an increasingly interconnected world, societal awareness of key social and environmental issues is critical. What makes Dream of a Nation different is our approach to exploring the problems and solutions to the issues in a format that is creative, accessible and compelling.  The content comes alive through media-rich design, authentic images and illustrations which complement short essays from more than 60 pioneering organizations and thought leaders.  More than a book, Dream of a Nation is the first component of a national a multimedia long-term movement that will reach and engage millions of individuals.

Dream of a Nation spans 12 chapters and explores problems, new ideas and success models associated with a range of topics including: environmental stewardship, waging peace, the new economy, improving health, government at its best, key priorities in education, ending poverty and much more.  Thought-provoking essay contributions are presented by leading icons and organizations.


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